The truth could save you $$

An insurance agent at Aspen Insurance is ready to advise you on what type of insurance coverage and policies you may need. When your life changes, your insurance policy may need to be re-evaluated. Don't leave yourself vulnerable to denied claims, not enough coverage, or missing discounts you are entitled to and deserve.
  • Did you get married? Most insurance companies lower the rates when you are married.
  • Auto insurance rates are based on zip codes. If you have family members, including children away at school with a vehicle, tell you agent. This could save you money $$.
  • Do your driving age children live more than 100 miles away? You might be eligible for a discount.
  • Do you use your vehicle for business purposes? A commercial policy may be less costly.
  • Have you upgraded your home? Homeowner insurance is based on replacement cost. If your dwelling suffers a total loss, the coverage would have to be within 80%-100% of the replacement (percents varies with companies). If the coverage is not within the percentage, the insurance company may only pay for a partial loss. Ask your agent to do a new replacement cost estimator if you have upgraded your home.
These are a few discounts Aspen Insurance can help you determine. Call your agent at Aspen Insurance to ensure you have the right coverage for your needs!

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